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How to Bet on Full Time Result

How to Bet on Full Time Result

The Full Time Result betting market is without a doubt the most popular betting market worldwide. As the name explains itself, all bets on this market must predict the winner of the matching within the stated “Full Time” time frame. For association football, it is generally 90 minutes except some friendly games which are played 80 minutes.

The selections of this betting market are generally “1”, “X”, and “2”. Number 1 is for the home team win, the X letter is for a draw result, and number 2 is for the away team win.  Some bookmakers in different parts of the world display the number “0” for a draw result. So do not get surprised if you see a zero instead of an X for the draw result. 

This betting market always includes the stoppage or injury time added after 90 minutes. So if a goal is scored in let’s say 92nd minute (2nd minute of the injury time, not the Over Time), then this goal will be considered for the settlement of the bets by the bookmakers.  

Full Time Result Betting Example

To better understand the meaning of the this betting market, here is an example of two popular teams. Let’s say Barcelona is facing Real Madrid in an El Clasico match in Camp Nou. 

If you think Barcelona is going to win, and since they are the hosting team, you should select “1” for the this betting market. If you think that the match will end with a draw, then your selection should be “X”. However, if you think that Real Madrid will win, then your selection should be “2”. That is the reason many bookmakers and bettors say “1X2” when they talk about this betting market. 

Your bet will be settled according to the result of the full time. Let’s say you selected “1” in favor of Barcelona.

> The result is 2-1 in 90 minutes, then your bet will win.

> The result is 1-1 in 90 minutes, then your bet will lose.

> The result is 2-4 in 90 minutes, then your bet will lose.

Full Time Result Betting Odds

In a single bet that consists of one event with your selection, you will get the multiplication of the odds of your selection and your betting stake. If the odds of your bet is 1.50 and you wager a 1000 units stake, your return will be 1500 units accordingly to your currency.   

All betting markets are subject to the General Terms and Conditions of the bookmakers. It is very important to check their rules before placing a bet on this betting market to avoid unpleasant outcomes. 

Full Time Result Betting Market PROS

  1. Good for strong teams that have decent winning streaks. 
  2. Surprise results will provide huge odds.
  3. “X” draw result provides a minimum odds of 3.00 or more.

Full Time Result Betting Market CONS

  1. Depends on many different factors including but not limited to star players’ absence, weather conditions, rivalry, current affairs of the teams, etc. 
  2. Directly affected by the performance of a single team or a player rather than a collective performance as in the Total Goals betting market. 
  3. Red cards, especially early ones, can change the results drastically.

Full Time Result Betting Market FAQ

Yes. Almost all bookmakers offer this market both for pre-match and live betting. 

That depends on the sportsbook. Some sportsbooks allow 14 selections in a single slip while others allow 20. Please check their Betting Rules section or contact their support team. 

No, in most cases the sportsbooks do not allow multiple bets for the same event in an accumulator slip. This excluded sportsbooks that offer Bet Builder like Bet365 where you can select many betting markets for a single event in the same betting slip. 

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