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How to Bet on Double Chance

How to Bet on Double Chance

The Double Chance betting market is quite popular among bettors who mainly focus on making money from low odds. The very fact that this betting market has two selections, the winning chances are increased and that is why the odds are always lower compared to Full Time Result betting market. This market is offered for different time periods such as Half Time and Full Time. The difference is only the time covered. The settlement procedures are the same. The winning selection must predict the correct result by selecting two outcomes for Half Time or Full Time. 

Double Chance Betting Example

Let’s have an example to understand the betting market better. Let’s say Liverpool is playing with Manchester City where Liverpool is the home side. 

If the bet covers 90 minutes, there will be 3 selections for full-time. 

  1. Home / Draw
  2. Home / Away
  3. Away / Draw

Let’s say the match finished with a result of Liverpool 3-1 Manchester City. According to this result, the slip will be settled as below according to the selections above: 

  1. Win
  2. Win
  3. Lose

Whatever selections you make, you just should not find the one that is going to lose out of three outcomes.  

Double Chance Betting Odds

This market will be settled just like any other bet. The odds will be multiplied by your betting stake. So, let’s say you wagered 1000 units on a slip where you selected a Double Chance bet by favoring Home and Draw results with 1.80 odds, then your total winnings will be 1800 units in case your slip wins. 

The odds of this market will be very low if you are selecting your favorite team accompanied by the second selection. This market is very useful for teams that have nearly equal odds and the winner is not easily predictable.

Double Chance Betting Market PROS

  1. You have the opportunity to select two selections instead of one compared to the Full Time Result betting market.
  2. You can increase your winning chances by selecting 2 outcomes for unpredictable matches. 
  3. The odds will be quite good for matches that have competitive teams. 
  4. Works like insurance for matches where there are very strong teams with low odds.

Double Chance Betting Market CONS

  1. The odds will be quite low, especially where there are strong favorites. 
  2. Very demotivating when the betting slip is lost. 

Double Chance Betting Market FAQ

All online bookmakers offer this market for pre-match betting but some of them do not during live betting.  

Different sportsbooks might limit betting on the same market in an accumulator slip. However, there are many bookmakers that do not limit or follow the numbers, so you can bet the maximum quantity just like any accumulator slip. 

No, in most cases the sportsbooks do not allow multiple bets for the same event in an accumulator slip. This excluded sportsbooks that offer Bet Builder like Bet365 where you can select many betting markets for a single event in the same betting slip. 

The odds are determined by the bookmaker. The only workaround for this market is to follow matches where there are competitors and rivals. Their odds will be quite similar and a Double Chance betting market could offer 1.80 or similar odds easily.  

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